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Most small to medium sized businesses do not have a full-time I.T. manager on staff. We at Just in Time I.T. have the perfect solution that will suit your needs and budget. We offer prompt, reliable, and cost effective methods that will allow you to have the flexibility of obtaining I.T. ON-Demand.

PC Support, Upgrades & Updates: We understand that the PC (workstation) is a vital part of any company. It is the end user device and if it does not work well, your business productivity goes down. Just in Time I.T.  will provide the assistance to keep your PCs operating efficiently by maintaining you with current updates, virus definition and spyware monitoring. If upgrades such as memory, hard disk or even add-ons devices are needed we assure you we will find the solution. 

Network: All companies rely on their networks to share resources such as data, e-mail, printers and internet access; we understand your business cannot afford for its I.T. systems to be down or offline. We will review and create Policies and Procedures to manage the control of your I.T. framework. As your company grows we will be there to help you expand your network by adding more resources, users or even connecting multiple locations with the assurance of security while creating VPN (virtual private networks) tunnels for remote users.

Backup Solutions: How valuable is your data? We see hardware failure all the time, and the client does not have any backup of their priceless data. We will create and implement a backup routine that will perform scheduled full and incremental backups nightly or weekly. We even have off-site solutions, which can perform backups at any time of day.

Wireless: Wireless is the fastest growing technology on the market. 70% of laptops are wireless enabled which poses security risks to any wireless network that is not properly secured. Just in Time I.T. engineers will design your wireless infrastructure for proper coverage and secure it from unauthorized users. We offer high-speed wireless internet access for Hotels, Apartment developments, WiFi cafés, and Hotspots. 

2-Way Mobile Satellite Internet: Your fast, on the road connection is ready when you are no dialing in, no waiting. So you can download files in seconds & network multiple computers. System can be mounted on a truck, RV, or trailer. We also offer a portable satellite Internet solution that can be shipped anywhere. Our portable high-speed satellite Internet units have been used for everything from disaster relief to special events.
Remote Support: With our 24-hour support team we are able to remotely support any PC that has access to the internet through firewalls and routers in less than a minute, with no user configuration needed. We will provide full on-demand remote control help desk support, transfer files, chat, and control a remote user's workstation in real-time without pre-installing software on the remote computer.

Virus Guard: It goes without saying that your company needs to be protected from the growing threat of viruses. We have the solutions for your business that actively monitors your network servers, workstations and e-mails for all types of viruses. Scanning and updates can be scheduled nightly or weekly with convenient after hour scans. Note: Spyware and Adware programs are not antivirus programs.

Security & Surveillance: Powering 24/7 video surveillance – anywhere, anytime. Today, everyone from government and public safety agencies to enterprises and corporations is seeking ways to increase security and surveillance measures. We at Just in Time I.T. enable organizations to deploy video surveillance cameras whenever and wherever needed.

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